Sunday May 23, a convoy of soldiers and army technology arrived into the camp near the city called Jihlava in the Czech republic. It is the first part of an army troops, which are traveling across the Czech republic and heading for exercise in hungary. Hungary and the Czech Republic are members of NATO. There should be a huge exercise of Nato units.
The relocation of allied troops traditionally didn’t go unnoticed. Well known czech activists arrived at the camp with a banner.
The protest was carried out by Ivo Osovský and Lucie Main. They get well known in the Czech republic by the resistance against the totalitarian practices of the politicians, which are currently in the government. They often point out that the theme of covid-19 is usually abused and used on purpose to eliminate civil liberties.
The Czech republic is a member of NATO and the local media informs about the activities of allied troops often uncritically. After the elections where Biden was elected as the new president of the USA, most of the people in the Czech republic are convinced that Biden will pull us into a war conflict through the NATO. People in the Czech republic don’t wish for a war and therefore, they watch the american soldiers movements across their territory with concern.

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