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A United States of America democracy died in not reached 245 years after long illness. How was her life, what did mark her demise, how were her last months and what legacy she left to us?

The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America of July 4, 1776, began a modern history in which all other nations could learn as from a pure source what the rule of the people should look like, through the people, for the people. That citizens must not give up their freedoms in favour of temporary safety, as this would put them in a position where they do not deserve freedom or safety and, as a result, lose both. The United States in times of Woodrow Wilson hold a flag of morality so tightly that it was reflected by Masaryk’s Czechoslovakia in 1918, from whose strength many of us still draw on today.
After the Industrial Revolution, which gave rise to the Social Revolution and subsequently the Socialist Revolution, the world significantly polarized into a part that still held the banner of individual freedom and a part that reflected leftist ideas in various shades from the „mere“ strengthening role of the state and its reluctance to let the individual go his own way, to the murderous regimes we know as fascist, Nazi or communist regimes. Unfortunately, in the light of today’s death of American democracy, it is clear that mankind has not learned at all from the rampage of left-wing ideas and is necessarily doomed to repeat its history.
The American system has never been perfect, but for over 200 years it has given us inspiration and positively influenced the wording of many constitutions. But what foreshadowed the demise of American democracy was, on the one hand, an electoral system that had long allowed machinations and even allowed procedural delays to such an extent that Americans never had to learn from a public hearing or a court ruling on what is going on, what is the evidence and whether internal democratic safeguards work, and on the other hand, the large corporations that have found their representatives in the Democrats promoting the interests of the biggest business under the false cloak of decency, morality and equal access to all, as well as in the Democrats found themselves leftist ideas all across the spectrum from moderate socialists to hard-line communists and Marxists, Islamists and other extreme movements. The Americans failed to recognize with due force the onset of corporate fascism, which did not protect itself from abusing all methods to influence elections and subsequently to block democratic safeguards. Correspondence voting proved to be one of the worst frauds and torpedoes into the democratic process, with Democrat voters being openly favoured, and registered Republican voters, if they received their ballots, late or not at all. Not even mentioning following manipulations.
We will probably never know in the final decision of the proper instance how or if the elections in the United States were manipulated, but we will be left with thousands of testimonies overthrown by left-wing corporate fascism, which aimed to make the Democratic Party a ruling party forever to prevent that someone like Donald Trump is not stopping the wars for exporting „democracy“ to the world and start returning work to the Americans despite China, for example. Whatever we think of Donald Trump, what he did, he did for the Americans and, to some extent, even for the rest of us.
When the Donald Trump team ran out of time today, American democracy died on January 20, 2021, leaving us, especially for us Czechoslovaks, with a bitter memory of 1948, when the Communists in fact legally took power. This period lasted 40 years and was accompanied by political processes, dismissal for opinions from work, studies, labour camps for unwanted created by the regime, and it was a time not granting the space for individuals to grow. And today? The big media is furiously censoring one line of opinion and even more furiously telling people what to think and who is the right one. When someone communicates his political, not mainstream, opinion, “eager-left-youth” of all kinds raise demand against such person for dismissal from work, an apology for all offended with everything, at least that he left an indelible carbon footprint in his speech that his descendants will not be able to clean up, well that horrible time simply began to return and many of our neighbours and friends did not notice it at all. Many will support this new age and its „elites“ and representation and will be happy to live in such a time. I can say that it is probably a good thing that America is experiencing its (Czechoslovakian) year 1948 so that we can move on, and I cannot say how long this time will last and what price we will pay. But it will definitely be a valuable lesson for all of us.

Let’s hold a mourning minute of silence for American democracy and let’s prepare ourselves for the coming days with the strength and good courage on our moral principles, not being afraid to tell the truth, no matter how the official regime or its self-proclaimed watchdogs of „democracy“ forbid, prosecute and punish with their people’s courts not only in the World of Online with the words that Ernest Denis said about Czechoslovakian first president Tomáš G. Masaryk: „… to face so many attacks and not be overcame or bittered by them, to endure for years the ever-renewed surge of slander and resentment and to maintain his courage and faith intact, to walk his way without appearing to observe the obstacles and scars with which he is covered, to remain in his seventies on a track through such terrible storms as young as in the early days and so zealous in the struggle, never to doubt victory, even though the enemy seemed to be winning and to rule by an overwhelming predominance of forces“.

Let’s remain strong and of good courage and may our democracy live to a more blessed age than the American one.

author: Mgr. Ondřej Pecák, attorney

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